Sckerra Gonzalez
(229) 254-3395

I am a small town girl, being born and raised in South Georgia. After graduating high school I started work in the medical field and have enjoyed helping to assist, care for and work with different types of people. I have always loved interior design and architecture although I never had the chance to pursue it academically, It is a true passion of mine. Over the years my husband and I have done some small flips in our homes and that broadened my love for real estate. We enjoy devoting time to our volunteer ministry where we love to help those of the Hispanic/Latino communities to embrace bible truths, along with volunteering in building projects and relief work through our religious organization. Being bilingual, I speak both English and Spanish and hope that I can help to serve those communities with their homebuying needs as well. My hope is that the same care and love I have been privileged to give to my patients/customers over the years, will transition to helping others in their home buying journey. I’d love to offer them the knowledge and direction needed to find the home they love and live happily ever after! I myself, have lived in many types of homes, but my favorite so far is the tiny home my husband and I share with our little terrier /chihuahua mix, Onyx.