Willie Roberts

(229) 221-6608

Willie Tee Roberts is a credentialed real estate agent, who works with the diverse demographic of the beautiful southern town of Thomasville, GA.

Willie Tee loves and understands his hometown of Thomasville and is dedicated  to preserving and promoting its beauty and history but is not afraid of embracing new and innovative concepts and styles. As your agent he wants to create a unique experience that will differ from the norm and help create a tailored fit  for your family’s needs.

Willie Tee grew up in a family of twelve children. In his spare time, he enjoys getting involved in the Thomasville community by participating in local theatre performances, spending time with his family, and working on film projects.

Willie Tee holds a salesperson license in real estate. He graduated from Barney Fletcher Schools in Atlanta, Georgia and is continuing to be educated and mentored by the Senior Partners at The Avenues Real Estate Partners that have a combined 100+ years’ experience in real estate development and sales all throughout South Georgia and currently North Florida.